The DeFi market place has exploded in the recent months. From Yield Farming to Staking and Liquidity Mining. Participants earn by locking their tokens for a period of time. Generally speaking the idea is great but has a major flaw… impermanent loss (IL). If you are Farming or staking your tokens and the value of the underlying token changes significantly, the value will be far less than if you simply held your tokens.

Matador Token applies a 30% fee on all transactions (buys/sells/transfers). Out of this, 20% is automatically distributed to holders. This isn’t crazy, its unique to reward long term holders and while keeping market makers, whales and bots out of the token. The amount of tokens in your wallet will forever increase as people transact, even though a premium was paid to enter the position. This way IL is completely avoided and you get paid for just holding Matador.
Additionally, out of the 30% Tax, Matador takes 5% of each transaction and
automatically adds it to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool will increase in perpetuity, which in turn leads to a higher price floor for Matador.

This is what we are trying to accomplish:
Piece of mind in your long term investment. No need to farm, stake or deposit your tokens anywhere. Simply hold your position and it will grow!


Matador Token is yield and liquidity generating project with a goal to directly reward its long term holders while increasing liquidity and lowering supply through a burn. This is done by imposing a 30% tax taken from each transaction. Matador’s price floor is constantly increasing with all investors earning tokens in return for holding.

The burn address is also considered a  holder of the token earning a share
of each transaction fee. Each share is burned leading to a  reduction in the circulating supply of Matador.

The Burn Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Matador token was launched with an initial supply of 62 BNB of liquidity in the form of BNB/Matador LP Tokens. The liquidity has been locked.
The teams intention is to protect investors by preventing any possibility of a rug pull. In addition liquidity is automatically added from every transaction at a rate of 5%. The fee is added to the liquidity pool by converting it into BNB/Matador LP Tokens.

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The Team

Co-Founder/Admin - Operations
Co-Founder/Admin - Operations
Nic M.
Admin - Marketing

The idea...

One Saturday night, the Dev and Admins thought of a bright idea to pick 30 newly launched tokens and invest until they #moon. Well, things didn’t go according to plan. Few hours later looking over the positions 27 of them were rugged, leaving 3 as potential investments. Going into the contracts and the trades it was clear that the Devs of those contracts made it strictly for their own financial gain, leavings hundreds if not thousands of investors with nothing but a token with no liquidity while they reaped the reward. That gave the team the idea that is known today as Matador. The team launched MTDR originally on the Ethereum network sharing with friends and family to test. After 2 Binance contracts and collaborating with Solidity as the audit company, the tokenomics were written in stone and stand for what they are today. High tax, high reward and #norug! The team developed first of its kind tokenomics which will pave the way to the next level of Defi!