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Tax on transactions of which ...
30 %
Is distributed to all holders
30 %
Is added to liquidity
30 %
Is burned
Initial Supply
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All utilities are being developed and will become active once they are completed for beta testing.



Report recent rug pulls and share experiences.



Android Mobile App runner game. IOS pending.

Understand a contract before you invest. **BETA TESTING**

By The Matador Token Community & Rugfreecoins.com

Rugscan tokenomics include BNB reflections and a Matador Token buy back function. Project is a true fair launch with 100% of the tokens allocated to liquidity and v1 holders. No Dev tokens. 100% rug proof. 


  • 5% is added to liquidity
  • 2% BNB distribution to holders
  • 2% Matador Token buyback
  • .50% BNB distribution to marketing
  • .50% to Rugscan development & maintenance


  • 5% is added to liquidity
  • 4% BNB distribution to holders
  • 4% Matador Token buyback
  • .50% BNB distribution to marketing
  • .50% to Rugscan development & maintenance
  • 1% is BURNED


Matador Token is a rugproof community-owned token built on the Binance Smart Chain that rewards holders with a distribution of 20% from every transaction made. Distributions are spread proportionally amongst all holders. The more tokens you have the more % of the distribution you receive… In addition to burning a portion of our tokens through each transaction, we will have a monthly randomized burn as circulating supply unlocks!


Matador Token employs 3 simple functions: Distribution + LP acquisition + Burn In each trade. The transaction is taxed a 30% fee, which is split 3 ways.

#HODL & Get Paid #nobull

metadortokan bull

30% TAX??!!

Are we Nuts?! Nope, let us explain...


Whales, market makers and rug pullers are notorious for manipulating markets, controlling prices and hurting investors. Matador declared war and is fighting back. Our tokenomics deter price manipulators distributing loyalty tokens to our holders.  The tax is high...we get it...but the distribution is 20%, making it lucrative enough to pay that premium for long term holders. Our tokenomics were tested, retested and audited to make sure the logic behind our madness will reward our holders and penalize the bad apples like no other token has done before.

30% tax = 20% rewards

Calculate Your Redistribution

Estimated Distributions 0.00 tokens or 0.00 over 7 days

1. Add $MTDR to your wallet

meta mask

Log in to your favorite wallet. Add our contract address as a custom token. Please make sure you are on the BSC network.

Add MTDR to Metamask automatically!

(Chrome extension on PC only)

2. Swap BNB to MTDR

Swap on 1inch





Swap on Pancakeswap





Use 1% slippage and a rounded number of MTDR tokens rather than a complex number. I.E use 1,000,000,000 instead of 1,000,001,223. Additionally you can have the number of tokens end in 1, I.E 1,000,001,221.

Use 42% slippage and a rounded number of MTDR tokens rather than a complex number. I.E use 1,000,000,000 instead of 1,000,001,223. Additionally you can have the number of tokens end in 1, I.E 1,000,001,221.

Many new buyers immediately ask what the slippage is to buy and sell MTDR.  It is important to remember tax and slippage are two different things. Every MTDR transaction is taxed 30%. Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade. It is there incase market fluctuations happen in the seconds that you are making the trade. In MTDR, slippage is barely noticeable, even in large buys.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a glitch in the Pancakeswap estimation system that sometimes gives users error message when trading. In order to fix this, make the last digit of the number of tokens you are buying or selling a 1. Such as in this example.

r/MatadorToken - PancakeSwap Slippage Explained for MTDR

In this example we change the amount of tokens we are buying from 123,500,000,000 to 123,500,000,001.

r/MatadorToken - PancakeSwap Slippage Explained for MTDR

***Slippage when BUYING: 1%***

***Slippage when SELLING: 42%***

Please remember that slippage and tax are two different things. When selling, even with 42% slippage rate, you are NOT going to pay a 42% premium, it will be closer to 30.5%. – the same goes when buying with 1% slippage.

*Credit to Will G*

dev & admins

The Team

Our token was developed by a real team with a real vision. Protect the community and #stoptherug Each of the founding members wallet disclosures are under each of their profiles.

Co-Founder/Admin - Operations
Co-Founder/Admin - Operations
Nic M.
Admin - Marketing
Dev Wallets
Locked 4%
Marketing Wallet
Locked 9.4%
Operating Wallet
Dev & Marketing Wallets 2%
Circulating Supply
Available tokens 84.6%

Tokens Locked with

The Running of the Bulls 2022 will be one of the biggest fiestas yet. Since the event gets 1 million visitors a year, the pent up demand from two years will be over-the-top. 

 The Running of the Bulls 2022 dates are July 7 – 14, 2022 in Pamplona, Spain. The San Fermin Festival runs from July 6, 2022 at Noon, until July 14, 2022 at Midnight. 

One lucky winner will have Hotel & Flight paid for from 07/05/2022-07/08/2022 OR opt in to accept $3000 in BNB.


Distance to Bull Run: 1 Minute Walk – Hotel: 4-star – Length of Stay: 3 nights – Chances to Run: 2 mornings – Opening Ceremonies Balcony: Premium (directly on Town Hall Square)  – Bull Run Balcony: Premium Level 1 or Level 2 view – Bullfights: Lower Deck Tendido Seats –  Breakfast: Included every morning – Meals: Founder’s Dinner & Rooftop Fireworks Party + Welcome Tapas & Wine Event  – Walking Tour: Bull Run Tour with Expert Runner – Gear: 1591™ Polo Shirt, bandana and sash – Arrival Date: July 5th – Departure Date: July 8th

This premium package includes everything you need to make the most of the opening days of the Running of the Bulls. Stay at the recently renovated Hotel Maisonnave, founded in 1883, which has a rich connection to the festival. It is a tradition among many of the matadors to stay here, due to the short walk to the bull ring. The Running of the bulls team of 35 guides surrounds you with support at every key moment but know when to back off and let you enjoy the freedom to explore Pamplona. They will escort you to your balcony to view the morning bull run (when it is easy to get lost in the chaos). 

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Erience Solutions
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